Rosie Hart, portfolio

Some examples of my recent work.


It's hard to keep your CV up to date (we're all busy, right?!). But you can see some of my most recent demos in my CodePen collection. And because my degree was in Fine Art and I still try to be a part-time artist, i've started a Digital artwork collection.

Projects from my previous role at the University of Bath

University of Bath WordPress multisite
screen shot of the blog site header

One of my main tasks is to maintain our WordPress multisite install. In addition to maintaining site security through version upgrades, I make front-end changes to approve user experience.

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Remodelling of legacy pages
screen shot of a programme catalogue page

Most of our main site content uses our in-house platforms. But we have some legacy systems which are not easily adaptable to existing templates. We still need to ensure that this content is accessible, so I've been tasked with re-skinning some of those platforms.

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Updates to existing components
screen shot of the website search bar

Many of the projects I am involved in are building on existing components. If we discover a bug or can see an improvement which could benefit our users, we might need to adapt our existing code.

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Components and techniques for demonstration

I have created some common components which were not part of any particular live project, but just to demonstrate some of my knowledge.

As part of my ongoing Codecademy study, I'm also building up projects, which practice particular techniques or frameworks.

I will be continuing to add both.

Website builds

I take on builds for individual clients, which can be on the client's preferred platform. This has tended to be through WordPress.

I don't currently advertise due to time constraints but have built sites for client who have approached me by word of mouth.

Daniel Morley


Create a new website for a self-employed artist. The site must include a blog and an online shop.


Daniel needed a brand new website. His main requirements were:

We discussed a range of options including Shopify and Squarespace. We decided to use WordPress due to the flexibility it allows. He wasn't sure that making online purchases would be the primary objective for his customers so didn't want to focus on the site being a shop.

The project included:

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The Write Place


Move existing non-profit organisation's site to a supported platform to enable responsive and accessible features and SSL.


The Write Place, a non-profit writers group had an existing site which was not responsive or accessible. They had a very low budget as they do not receive regular funding. The main focus was to get the content to a platform which would allow them to maintain the site themselves. They also had the pressure of time as their previous hosting provider was no longer able to support their site securely.

I used a standard WordPress theme and created a child theme to allow them to give their site a bit of bespoke personality.

The project included:

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